Five Tips for an Easy PTA or PTO Fundraiser

Our schools are an important part of our communities. They help educate and mold our future generations and encourage our students to think creatively and become lifelong learners. Teachers, principals, coaches, administrative staff, Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) are just some of the great influencers that keep these institutions running for our children. Groups like PTOs and PTAs can help provide much needed tools for teachers, parents, and children alike to help produce the most successful students.

To accomplish this goal, many PTOs and PTAs strategically use fundraisers to help support their schools. While fundraising is just one of the many focuses for these organizations, a well-organized fundraiser can make a significant impact. PTO/PTA fundraisers are able to provide funds to support key student activities, fine arts programs, student trips, and more.

If you’re preparing for a PTA/PTO fundraiser, here are our favorite tips to run a smooth school fundraiser for your students.


  1. Pick the right number of fundraisers for your school. Some schools have limitations on the number of fundraisers allowed. By choosing the right number of fundraisers for your school, your PTO or PTA can be effective and profitable for the strategic fundraisers that you pick.
  2. Make sure your fundraiser dates work for the school. Your principal is a good person to check the fundraiser date with, and he/she might know if other school-related fundraisers happen around the same time so you can be sure you’ve picked a time that works best for your school.
  3. Communicate how the fundraiser profits will benefit students. Keeping your PTA/PTO fundraiser centered on your main focus, helping students, can keep volunteers and parents motivated and excited while helping to raise money.
  4. Follow up with every parent who offers to volunteer. Whether someone offered to help with a task during a meeting or in a casual conversation, follow up with them to get a formal commitment. Parent volunteers are important supporters for a great PTO fundraiser or PTA fundraiser so don’t forget to follow up with those parents who offer to volunteer.
  5. Keep it fun! You don’t want your organization to be all work and no play. Volunteers are much more likely to stay involved when they are having fun while accomplishing their task. Use social media or an email newsletter to send out photos of your smiling parents at fundraising events, like delivery day, to show the fun side of your FUNdraiser.    


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