Why and How to Use
Social Media for Your Fundraiser

If we had to guess, almost everyone you know participates in social media in some way. Whether they browse recipes on Pinterest, share tips on Twitter, or a thought on Facebook, most people use at least one social media site. These online communities are great opportunities to share that your fundraiser has started and you’re looking for support.

Technology provides fundraising groups with plenty of opportunity to gain support for their fundraiser from their online communities. If you’ve been hesitant about using social media to help your fundraiser, now is a great time to bring your Little Caesars® Pizza Kit fundraiser online.

How to Use Social Media for Fundraisers

Facebook is likely the most popular social media site that you, your members, and your group uses. To start using social media for your fundraiser, you want to prominently display your Little Caesars Pizza Kit fundraiser on your Facebook page. The best part is that you can easily do this with just a click of a button!

When you log in to your account on www.pizzakit.com, you will see an entire section dedicated to “promoting your fundraiser.” Go here and you’ll see how easy it is to share your fundraiser on social media. Just click on the Facebook icon to share Little Caesar, a link to your fundraiser, and your own personal message on your wall, a friend’s wall, or to your group’s!

Here’s an example:  “Help us reach our fundraising goal to get new uniforms for ABC Baseball Team”.Promote Your Fundraiser

If you have a strong following on Twitter or Instagram, that’s a great place to post a few weekly updates on your fundraiser’s progress. Limiting the frequency of your updates ensures that your friends and family won’t feel overwhelmed with too many postings.

Why Use Social Media to Promote Your Fundraiser

We make it as easy as possible to share your fundraiser on social media because online promotion can offer a Big! Big! boost to your fundraising goals.

1.       You get a bigger reach. When you use social media to share your fundraiser’s information, you have access to a greater number of people. Encourage your parents and sellers to repost to publicize your fundraiser.

2.       You get people engaged. Your group can get creative and have FUN when they share Little Caesar on their pages or write their own messages about what reaching the goal means to them. Your supporters will react to the pictures and links and the more they interact, the more likely they are to support you by purchasing a Pizza Kit.

3.        Sharing your fundraiser makes it easy to find. By sharing details with your online community, supporters don’t need to worry about remembering a URL to find your page. When your page is easy to find, it’s easy to support.

Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for more ideas or talk to your representative about using social media to promote your fundraiser.

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