How To Keep Parents
Excited During Fundraisers

As a member of your local PTA or PTO, you don’t need to be reminded how important schools are for your children and for the community. And you know that hosting school fundraisers helps raise funds for important things, like school supplies, books, and class trips.

That’s why your PTA/PTO helps to run school fundraisers each year. An important part of each fundraiser is keeping parents and kids involved and having fun! Try these tips to keep your parents involved during your PTA/PTO fundraiser. 

How To Keep Parents Excited During Fundraisers:

  1. Be clear about your fundraising purpose. Parents want to know how the funds are being used to help the school overall, but especially for their child. You can help parents stay excited about your fundraiser by clearly communicating the fundraiser purpose. Your PTA/PTO might want to fund a reading program, update school technologies, or help send children on a much anticipated school trip.
  2. Share your fundraising profit goals with parents. It’s important to set your fundraiser goal at the beginning of your fundraiser. Our team of fundraising experts can help you establish a goal. Having a clear fundraising goal, whether it’s selling 1 Pizza Kit per child or 10 Pizza Kits per child, is important for parents. Once you’ve shared your goals with parents, provide regular updates to show how well you’re progressing towards the goal!  Frequent communication keeps them involved. Use your school website, electronic signs, newsletters, email reminders and posters.  
  3. Choose a fundraiser that has value. This can be one of the biggest influences in parents’ enthusiasm. Having a product that has real quality and value will make fundraising easy and much MORE fun. Picking a successful fundraising company, like Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program, means parents will be excited about what they are buying. You know you’re going to eat pizza anyway, why not buy pizza from your school’s fundraiser? You get actual Little Caesars pizza right from your home oven!
  4. Keep school children excited too! Parents want their child to have fun, so keeping the FUN in fundraising for the kids is important to parents as well. We have plenty of low-cost or no cost ideas to keep everyone motivated during your fundraiser. You can also use our new mystery coupons to reward kids who reach their personal goals. Login to to access everything you need. When children come home excited about their fundraising accomplishments, parents also get excited.

Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program has the quality of one of America's favorite pizzas behind it - Little Caesars! You can see a program overview here on our YouTube Channel or request more information and we'll get you earning MORE for your school today.

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