How do I contact you?

I forgot my password.
At the login screen, click on “forgot password”. When prompted, enter your e-mail address and a new password will be immediately e-mailed to you. Passwords are case-sensitive and can not contain any extra spaces.

How do I personalize my account and add my group/organization's logo? 
On your Chairperson home page, choose Personalize My Page to select your preferred text and background color for the banner that will be viewed by your Sellers, friends & family. You may also upload your group’/organizations's logo by adding a URL.

How do I inform my Sellers, my Friends & my Family that our fundraiser has started?
Promoting your fundraiser is easy! Once your delivery date has been confirmed, you will receive a Promote Your Fundraiser email link that can be forwarded to your sellers, friends & family. Share on social media to reach even more people!

Misplaced the email from us? Simply login and click on Promote Your Fundraiser to send the link direct from our website.

I want my sellers & supporters to order online.
Great! Online ordering is easy using the Promote Your Fundraiser email link. Or, if you prefer, direct customers as follows:

Go to (or
Go to the Products tab and click on Shop
Select Ship My Order to the Group
Enter the Fundraiser ID# to ensure your group receives the profit for online purchases.

At the end of your fundraiser, you will tally your brochure orders and place your complete Final Order with us, either online or over the phone. We already have your online orders, so DO NOT include those in your tally!

How do I update or edit an order before submitting it?
Final orders may be updated until 12:00p.m. on the Final Order Date, either online or over phone with our Customer Care Center. If the Final Order Date has passed, call us toll-free 1-888-4-LC-KITS (1-888-452-5487).

I do not wish to receive e-mail notifications.
That’s okay! Login to your account and click on “Manage My Account” to turn e-mail notifications on or off when a seller or supporter places an order for your fundraiser.

Can I view and print my online orders?
Absolutely! Login to your account and click on "View & Print Online Orders". Using the print button on the bottom of the page, each order will print separately, helping you to easily organize orders on delivery day!

How does my group receive its profit? 
As your Sellers take orders, the orders are either pre-paid online with a credit card or payment is collected at the time of the order.  3-4 days prior to your Final Order Date, you will collect and tally all of your brochure orders.  The difference between the payments you’ve collected and the product cost you’ve been invoiced is your profit.  The profit from your pre-paid online orders will be reflected on your invoice.

How do I pay for my group/organization's order?
Payment for your Final Order is due to the driver on the day of delivery and should be made payable to Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program. Our drivers can accept a Cashier’s Check or Money Order. Elementary, Middle or High School checks will also be accepted. Drivers are not able to accept cash, or personal or starter checks. We will not be able to deliver without payment.

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I want to place an online order and have the profit go to a specific group.

From our main page, go to the Products tab, then click on Shop. You'll need the Fundraiser ID number for the group you want to support. Once ordered, your items will be delivered to the group on their scheduled delivery day. 

How can I purchase items outside of a fundraiser?
Pizza Kits are exlcusive to Little Caesars® Fundraising! If there is not an organization running the fundraiser in your area, you may be able to walk in and pick up Kits from one of our local distribution centers. Call us at 1-888-452-5487 for more info! If you questions about an order you placed on the Little Caesars app or via Door Dash, please call 800-722-3727.

How do I cancel a Fundraising online order? 
Please call our Little Cesars Fundraising Customer Care team from Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. ET at 888-4-LC-KITS (888-452-5487) to discuss your cancellation options. Please note, our Fundraising team is unable to assist you in cancelling a store order or Door Dash order.  If you need to cancel a store order you placed on the Little Caesars app or via Door Dash, please call 800-722-3727.

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How do I contact you?
Our Fundraising Team is ready to help Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. ET and can be reached at 1-888-4-LC-KITS (1-888-452-5487) or send us an e-mail at If you need to cancel a store order you placed on the Little Caesars app or via Door Dash, please call 800-722-3727

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