Low Cost & No Cost Ideas to
Motivate Your Fundraising Group

To have a successful fundraiser, there are a couple key people you need to keep excited. Those people are your parents, teachers/coaches, and of course the kids! Here are our best low cost and no cost ideas to keep each group motivated during your fundraiser.

Keeping Parents Motivated:

For your parents, you want to make sure they know what they’re selling and what their efforts will provide their child. To do this, make sure that your goal is clearly defined and explained. Trying to raise money for your daycare’s annual fieldtrip? Be sure to say how much fun the kids have there every year and how much value the trip provides to the children.

When your goal is clearly defined, reach out to local national restaurant chains. They often have community dollars that they need to spend. You can ask if they have 4 free dinners for the top sellers of your group. Your parents will love and appreciate a fun night out after their hard work!

Keeping Teachers/Coaches Motivated:

Teachers or coaches are key people to keep motivated during your fundraiser, and they can also drive the enthusiasm for the kids. If your group can give up a little money at the end of the fundraiser, offer a pizza party or a $10 gift card for the top selling teacher or coach of your group. They will appreciate the thoughtful gift.

Other no cost ideas to keep teachers or coaches motivated are to offer a special parking spot for a week for top selling class, or have a parent volunteer to drop off their favorite coffee drink for a week. These special perks will encourage enthusiastic support from your teachers and coaches next year, too!

Keeping the Kids Motivated:

No matter their age, your kids should be enthusiastic and excited about your fundraiser and we have fun, low cost ideas to keep them laughing. For schools and daycares, hide a miniature Little Caesars plush figure in a new place each day. Whoever finds it gets a prize like line leader for the day, extra recess with a friend, or they can pick out a mood pencil or funtivity booklet. And the “Find Caesar Kick-Off Packet” can be provided by Little Caesars Pizza Kits!

For sports teams, set a goal like selling 5 kits for each seller and if the kids make it, they get to lead stretches with the coach or a free pass from conditioning for a day. To encourage your team, your coach can also offer to do something crazy like temporarily dye their hair, wear silly workout clothes or shave their head if your group meets the fundraising goal.

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