How Schools Can Raise Money for Technology


Technology continues to be a wonderful learning tool in today's classrooms. Educational technology ranging from SMART Boards to cognitive tutors are being integrated into school systems to help improve learning outcomes for students. Technology, however, can be expensive! To offset these costs, schools use fundraisers to help purchase technology for classrooms.

When your school chooses a fundraiser, keep these five tips in mind to help you raise money for technology.

  1. Clearly explain the purpose of your fundraiser. Communicating with parents and sellers during a fundraiser is essential. You can get your program off to a great start by explaining the goals for the fundraiser and how the money will be used. When you fundraise with Little Caesar Pizza Kits, your school will earn at least $5 for every single Kit you sell. Now that's a value everyone can see! 
  2. Set a goal for a specific type of technology. Today the term technology encompasses hundreds of different tools, hardware, software and more! When your school uses a Pizza Kit Fundraiser to raise money for technology, you can work to bring a specific type to your classrooms. You may be raising funds for new computers, iPads for students, or SMART Boards. Communicating how the school plans to use a certain technology helps everyone envision the end goal.
  3. Share the value for students. Educational technology has a powerful ability to promote and increase educational opportunities for students. Share the benefits you anticipate for students with their parents and your community. Be sure to share wonderful and inspiring information with your sellers, parents, and the community. Improving education is a goal you can all stand behind.
  4. Be clear about fundraising expectations. Technology can have a hefty price tag, but fundraisers are able to make these educational assets much more affordable for schools. To help your sellers see this goal as achievable, set a per seller fundraiser goal. Use a fun visual to track the fundraiser’s progress and offer small prizes for sellers who meet their individual goals. Remember that your school earns at least $5 for every Kit you sell; that money adds up quickly!
  5. Have fun! Throughout your fundraiser, don't forget to have FUN! Keep the enthusiasm high by getting everyone in the school involved like teachers, principals, volunteers, staff and more. 

If you are ready to start fundraising to bring technology into your classroom, we want to help! With a Pizza Kit Fundraiser, raising money for your school is fun, easy, and profitable. Get Started with your Little Caesar's fundraiser today. 

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