10 Ways Email Can Help You Organize Your Fundraiser


Email: it's behind powerful companies, compassionate non-profits, and even facilitating casual comments between friends and families. No matter where it's used, email can be a powerful tool. So when you take on the position of chairperson for your next fundraiser, email should be top on your list of tools to help run an easy and FUN fundraiser. After you've successfully started your fundraiser, try these 10 tips from Little Caesars Pizza Kits; they can help you use email to power your fundraiser and stay organized from the first day all the way to the last.


1.        Talk to past chairpersons. You've registered and started your fundraiser, so now is a good time to check in with the past fundraising chair. Email can help you easily send out a message to collect any documents from previous years. This can help you make the transition for your group to a new chairperson as seamless as possible. Plus, it is a good opportunity to collect feedback from someone who has already been through a fundraiser.


2.        Contact group stakeholders. You play a very important role for your fundraiser, but it's likely that your group has other key people who can also be influential. If you represent a school, this might be the teachers or if you represent a team, it might be the coaching staff. Use email to help these important people stay up-to-date with your fundraising timelines and goals.


3.        Send your group important dates. Each fundraiser will have some important dates to remember like the time and location of the kick off meeting, the selling timeline, or the delivery day schedule. After starting your fundraiser, use email to remind your group about what's needed for each date. You can even link to important documents like the sellers sheet or delivery day information right in your email for easy access.


4.       Document meeting notes and goals. After your kick off meeting, send a quick recap out to those who couldn't make the meeting and to the rest of your group as a reminder. This is also a good time to send fundraising goals so everyone stays enthusiastic about how your fundraiser can help. If you have any individual goals for each seller, you can share these, too!


5.       Circulate a weekly update. Your group wants to stay updated, so schedule time each week to email out an informal update to your sellers. You can share a status on your fundraiser's progress, remind everyone of important upcoming dates, or share a fun tip with your group. For great tip ideas, visit the Pizza Kits fundraising blog!


6.       Send no-cost ideas out to fundraising influencers. A little motivation can go a long way when it comes to fundraising. Ask your influencers like teachers and coaches if they would participate in low-cost or no-cost motivation ideas. If your group reaches its goal, your coach agrees to play music during practice or your principal wears a funny costume all day. You can find more ideas here.


7.       Remind your sellers when sheets are due. This can be a very helpful tip and save you from answering everyone's questions individually. When you email your group to remind them of the seller sheet due date, don't forget to remind them that money for each Kit is due with their sheet, not at delivery! This can help your team avoid confusion down the road.


8.       Keep things fun by sharing your group's journey. Fundraisers are supposed to be FUN! You can help keep the energy levels high by sharing funny pictures of your group throughout the fundraiser. You can encourage your group to send pictures out to everyone and then use them to create a fun montage at the end of the fundraiser to remember the journey to reach your group's goal.  


9.       Share delivery day updates. Your Pizza Kits and Cookie Dough are baked fresh in Little Caesars bakeries and then delivered to your group in our refrigerated trucks. Your group will want to schedule specific times to come and pick up these delicious Kits and deliver them. You can help schedule and communicate these times by sending out a delivery day email to your group.


10.    Finally, recap your fundraising! At the end of your successful Little Caesars fundraiser, send an email out to your group, key influencers, or other volunteers and helpers who made your fundraiser a success. Include pictures from the fundraiser and use this as a chance to thank everyone for their efforts. Encourage your sellers to forward it on to their friends and family who helped your group reach their goals as well.


Do you have other ideas or tips for new fundraising chairpersons? Share your ideas on our Facebook page. If you are ready to start your Pizza Kit fundraiser, contact one of our representatives today!

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