Are You Ready for the Biggest Pizza Eating Day of the Year?


Fundraising any time of the year with Little Caesars Pizza Kits is a great way to raise money for your group. But when you pair your fundraiser with football, you've got a championship team! If you're getting ready to start your next fundraiser, here are a few reasons why hosting yours before Super Football Sunday on Feb. 7th is a great fundraising tactic for you and your team. 


1.      Super Sunday is the biggest pizza night of the year! The last day of the football season is also one of the biggest nights of the year for pizza. Families and friends host parties and get-togethers to watch the championship game, and the go-to meal is our favorite food – pizza! You can add all of your favorite toppings, and seasonings to make it the clear winner of party food. Holding a pizza fundraiser while this big pizza night approaches means all of your friends and family can benefit from purchasing a delicious pizza from you.


2.      You can save your family and friends a last minute trip out. When you have an easily stored Pizza Kit in your fridge or freezer, it can save you from a last-minute trip to the store to purchase snacks and food for your big game parties. While everyone else is out rushing the aisles for the best foods, you can preheat your oven and make your Pizza Kit in no time. This means more time watching the championship game (and those great commercials!) and less time dealing with logistics for the party. With a Pizza Kit, you can have a brand name pizza people already know and love right in your own kitchen. Plus, they aren't just great for football parties. A Pizza Kit is the perfect last minute family dinner for busy evenings, unexpected guests, or just a fun Friday night.


3.     Your friends are able to support your cause. Hosting a Little Caesars fundraiser means that your friends and family are able to support your group's cause while making purchases they are budgeting for anyway. When you hold your Pizza Kit Fundraiser before the big game, your loved ones can purchase their pizzas from you instead of going to a store. They can serve delicious Little Caesars pizzas at their football party, and support you at the same time. That means a big win for everyone! 



If you are considering using a fundraiser to help your team, school, or group reach your goals, start now and take advantage of Super Sunday.  Call to talk to one of our representatives at 1-888-452-5487 and take advantage of the best time of year for a Little Caesars Pizza Kit fundraiser.  For more fundraising tips and ideas, see the articles on our website. 

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