How to Run an Easy Spring Fundraiser

Green grass, April showers and bright flowers - they are just a few signs that spring has sprung! But our favorite sign is the kick off of a spring fundraiser. Our team of fundraising experts put together their best tips to help you run an easy spring fundraiser with Big! Big! Profits for any organization.


Four Ways For an Easy Spring Fundraiser

1.      Before kicking off your fundraiser, decide on a goal. This is one of the best tips to help get your fundraiser started. It's important for your organization to know what they are working towards; both as a group, and for each seller. By sharing a specific goal, everyone has a clear picture of their involvement. To keep your group excited about your goal, celebrate steps along the way as you approach each big marker in your progress.


2.     Clearly communicate how a fundraiser will help! Having a goal is an important first step but it’s critical to also spread the word about how your fundraiser will affect the organization. Parents, coaches, teachers and other parties will want to know how the fundraiser helps your organization. You might be raising funds for your church group, sports team, or school, but taking the time to communicate the specific goal of the funds raised is a necessary step. For example: saying a spring fundraiser will help raise money “for technology” is a great goal, but you can create even more excitement by sharing more details such as “you will be using this fundraiser to raise enough money to replace 5 computers in your school's computer lab”.  This distinct approach allows your group to truly visualize the rewards a spring fundraiser will provide.


3.     A little incentive can go a long way. Just like having a goal for your fundraiser can help volunteers become engaged and excited about the benefits, having a few incentives can build motivation in your sellers. You can have a group incentive to encourage your organization to make their goal, such as hosting a group wide spring picnic or an outside day full of spring sports and activities if you make your fundraising goal. You can also provide top seller goals, or hold a raffle for a prize.  Each seller that sells 10 items can receive a raffle ticket to win!  Prizes don’t have to be expensive, they can be whatever you think your group would enjoy.  Line leaders and practice captains are perfect examples.


4.     Put a spring in everyone's step by remembering the "fun" in fundraiser. After all of the dedication from your volunteers and sellers, take some time at the end to celebrate. Host a celebration at the end of your fundraiser to thank everyone for his or her time. If you snapped pictures throughout the fundraiser, create a slideshow and share them with the group or ask sellers to include testimonials from everyone's favorite part.



If you are considering using a fundraiser to help your team, school, or group reach your goals, talk to one of our representatives to see how easy it is to run a Little Caesars fundraiser.  For more fundraising tips and ideas, see the articles on our website

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