Field Trip Fundraising with Little Caesars Pizza Kits


Schools and other organizations often use field trips as a way to help their group experience culture, history, or other learning opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. But with budget constraints, not every member or student is always able to cover the cost for these types of influential trips. That’s where a Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser can help ensure everyone can participate in the fun!

Why Field Trips are important and how a Little Caesars Fundraiser Can Help

  • Help your students experience something new. A field trip, whether it’s to a city, a museum or an exciting activity, allows students to experience something new. Outings help encourage unique hands-on learning in a fun environment. Your Pizza Kit Fundraiser can help make sure that everyone can participate in these opportunities to learn.
  • Help students feel a sense of responsibility for raising their own money. Along with providing a memorable experience, fundraising for a field trip helps students feel a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Working together to raise money for a field trip helps students see the value of raising their own money for a common goal.
  • Provide a sense of community as you work together as a team. A Little Caesars fundraiser is a great way to bring a group together. As you set your fundraising goal, it will help rally the parents and students to work hard to achieve a shared vision.

A Pizza Kit Fundraiser has another great benefit for your field trip group – it is a product that your community members already know and love. Just let your buyers know that instead of purchasing their pizza from the store, they are buying it from you and supporting your goal at the same time. For more fundraising tips, see our tips and resource section

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